May 22, 2014

3 Thoughts and Boyfriend Jeans

 Did you check out my latest story on Refinery 29? More photos and ramblings here...welcome

ASOS Curve Floral Jersey, Boyfriend Jeans: c/o Simply Be, Sandals: gift from Margie, Sunglasses: Miu Miu

A few thoughts...

1. My fro is back and it's soooo strange. My hair is now much more like it was before chopping it off. I was never a big relaxer person but I did blow dry here and there. Never in life have I blow dryed for 3 months straight. NBD right? curls are so affected :( Tight curls no more, hangy curls...welcome back to my life. Oh well! I'm told it will take a few weeks for my hair to "snap back". Fingers crossed.

2. As obsesses as I am with skirts (ok and dresses), let us not forget the power of jeans! I haven't been wearing many jeans lately because I didn't have any that I loved. My favorite pair are basically shredded and the others that I like are too big. I got these from Simply Be and they are perfection!

3. Burry me in red lipstick (in about 100 years of course #liveforever)

That's all...

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