May 11, 2014

7 Reasons for 9 Plus Size Prints

Aren't numbers fun! My thoughts on the importance of swaddling yourself in prints, come along...

There's nothing like a great print to make a statement. I've rounded up a few plus size printed pieces and here's why you should incorporate them into your wardrobe.

1. Solange Knowles wears prints and you should do everything that she does. Everything.

2. Prints tell a story, for example - if you wear shorts with palm trees on them, you are telling the world that you a model citizen and that you love cocktails with little umbrellas.

3. Sass, you will be sassy.

4. If you are anything like me and manage to spill something on yourself daily, it's much less noticeable if you're wearing prints.

5. Having the ability to mix prints is like having a stealthy sixth sense. Other people will be able to tell you're something special and hence, will place you on a pedestal offering you flowers and candy.

6. If you happen upon a room covered in the exact print that you're wearing, you can prance around and no one will see you.

7. You get to thumb your nose at every TV presenter in a plus size fashion segment who puts the "curvy" girl in dark denim and a white button down top.

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