May 15, 2014

Going Gingham and Refinery 29!

Go hard or go home! Or just go gingham, it's totally fine...


I'm super excited to share that I'm contributing to Refinery 29! My first story is on circle skirts, you can check it out here. I obsessively devour Refinery stories, so very happy to be working with them in sharing outfits and shopping ideas! If you like the story don't forget to "like" and "share" :)

As for this magical gingham skirt - well, how could I not right? Black and white gingham is so terribly chic. This outfit is very much a part of my spring uniform. My work schedule is insanely busy these days and I'm usually floating running in and out of the office, meetings, etc. like a mad woman then usually have to go to dinner or events for work. I also love a bag big enough to stash flats in. I'm the girl putting heels on in the cab and taking them off right after a meeting haha. No shame.

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