May 27, 2014

Plus Size Kimono Jackets

I feel like I'm entering my bohemian season. Let's be honest, I'm a fashion nomad. So many things tickle my fancy - I've run my fingers across a few very preppy Ralph Lauren dresses, have been having a major "lady like" moment but one wash of the hair and hence, return of the afro and suddenly I'm like...kimono jackets! hmmm

There's a kimono jacket for every occasion really - printed, crochet, basic grey, organza...

You can of course layer them over a teeshirt and denim but I see my kimono styling a bit more luxe bohemian rather than festival style. Think *takes a knee before uttering, followed by slight levitation* The Olsen Twins. Pile of a few chic flowy layers and to that an obnoxious number of rings, finish with a top knot blessed by the heavens. 

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