June 5, 2014

Cut It Out

But really! Cutouts, fashions mini flashers...

Forward Petal Cutout Dress: c/o Fashion to Figure, Longline Blazer: c/o Simply Be, MAC bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Sunglasses: Dita (Amant, on sale), Shoes: Abate' (runway left overs - yay models have big feet!)

I'm sure in the physicians desk reference size book of things a fat chick shouldn't wear, there's a full page devoted to cutouts. Nearly ever stylish plus blogger has established that all of these myths are full of shit but it's easy to hold on to societies notions of who you should be and what you should look like.

While I don't subscribe to these ideals, I do think that looking polished is key. If you're a girl who loves a cut out across a roll of lovely fat, you go girl! It can also be hard to navigate certain trends when you aren't 25. As much as I don't like acting like a grownup, I do like looking like one. 

Honestly, I think you can have it both ways, trendy and chic. So here's my little take on cutouts!

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