June 20, 2014

Go Team Go!

Here's how I celebrate the World Cup games...

Calvin Klein Mesh Bomber Jacket and Pleated Mesh Skirt, T-Shirt: Design History via Saks Fifth Avenue, Clutch: ASOS

Sometimes I wish I was one of those girls that loves sports. I envision myself jumping into a male dominated conversation about "our team" with insightful and surprising commentary that totally WOWS. Mostly because it's unexpected but also because I think men in business don't really know how to connect with women they aren't hitting on and boys bond with sports. 

But then like I totally don't care so there's that. I do however- care about sporty fashion. Because that is actually fun. One day I was killing time and stumbled into Macy's and stumbled upon this little gem of a set. Of course it came home with me!

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