July 9, 2014

Swim Little Fishie

I get it from my mama...

Swimsexy Underwire Bikini: swimsuitsforall, Premium Floral Mix Longline Kimono: ASOS Curve, Hat: Zara

I've spent my entire life in a swimsuit. My mommy and I have a lot in common. One of my favorite things that we shared was that we both had a love for the water. From the time that I could talk I spent everyday asking my parents to build a pool in our backyard. The size of our yard didn't make this a realistic request but we were a part of our neighborhood swim club.

Obviously I begged to go every single day and if we couldn't go or there wasn't time my Mom spent plenty of time with kiddie pools in our yard, Slip & Slide set ups, she'd even just wet me with the garden hose if I was being a total pain in the butt wanting to play in water.

Then there was the swim teams, swim camp, amusement parks with a water park (I never did much care about any of the rides unless water was involved) and family vacations where I'd stay in the pool so long that when I reemerged I looked like a little raisin - sun burnt and shriveled. 

As with everything I was passionate about, Mommy supported me. She made me feel like my dreams and desires were not only possible but she set my life up as such that they were always in view...attainable. I snapped these photos right before her passing. I said - Mom I just took bikini picks and she replied "you go girl!" Ha, that's my Tina.

To this day I'd rather go swimming than doing most anything else and my little sister still calls me Nemo. I love you Mommy.

I was undoubtedly running back into this water ride when asked to pose for a photo.

Photos by Chelsea Memmolo
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