August 3, 2014

Fine Gauge Knits and Caffine

 Just so you know, the best espresso in the city is $1.50. Gotta love that Uptown life.

Alice and You Fine Gauge V-neck Sweater, Boyfriend Jeans: Simply Be (similar)

The previous statement has nothing to do with anything but I snagged a coffee before shooting and well, it was delicious. Anyhoo...the weather has been so mild. Absolutely NOT a complaint but it has and I feel like transitional dressing is kind of already happening. 

Right now I'm all about super light weight knits and an easy relaxed vibe. I know...who am I? You guys probably know by now my fashion mind changes with the wind so there it is and here we are. Minimal, relaxed. Ready for the work week? Ugh, me either!

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