September 25, 2014

Game Set Match

 Every Day I'm Tassle'n.

 Floral Tassle Kimono and Tapered Pants: c/o Evans, Bag: YSL, Shoes: ASOS

So, I love prints. You know this, I know this...we all know this. (end blog post)

I kid...Anyhoo - I scored this set which is currently my favorite thing in my closet (until the next thing) during a pretty bomb shopping spree at the Evans store on Oxford Street in London. To be honest I didn't really know what to expect since my experience has been such that most of what I love in plus size fashion is online. I was more than pleasantly surprised and can still think of things that I should have picked up and made mine, ha!

I wore this to an event last night for Isabel Toledo after which my beloved crop top fell victim to rib sauce and may or may not survive. RIP

Visuals by Pierre
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