September 30, 2014

Nothing Left Unsaid

I thank God every day for you. From the start I knew that I had a special one. Not everybody got to have a mom like you. There was never a day that I questioned how deeply you loved me, Karla and Daddy. You lived your life for us, taking care of us, putting our needs ahead of your own. You took care of your mother, your sisters and brother. All of us can say we are better because we knew you, because you loved us.

Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine you'd have to leave us so soon. My little girl prayers of Mommy living to be 199 years old never faded. We had no secrets, no feuds, no missed opportunities to show affection or to say I love you - no words left unsaid but still, it doesn't feel like enough.

I got to say thank you for being my mommy and I'll never forget the squeeze on my hand. I got to tell you I'll live my life honoring you and making you proud. I miss you Mommy but I understand God needed you more.

Last week wanted to ask want you want for your birthday. I knew you'd say "I don't need anything Shug, I just want you guys to be happy. As long as you're good, I'm good". To which I'd reply - Yeah right Mommy, if I show up without a present you'll be talking smack on me. And we'd laugh...

I wish I could call you today and sing Happy Birthday at the top of my voice. And even through these tears I can hear you say "I'm OK now my Kell, I'm gooood". 

Love love love

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