September 3, 2014

Review: SoftSheen Carson Hydra Steam System

So after having braids for a little more than a month, I'm back to le' afro. My friend, neighbor and fellow blogger PJ scored the entire collection at an event recently and passed it along to me. Just in time! 

I've had braids before but for this go around when I took them out my hair was super tangled. I'll chalk that up to the woman who braided my hair taking 10 strands for each braid which practically locked my hair. Ugh! The detangling process was horrendous. I'm glad to have any hair at all left on my head! I took my time and did my best not to break strands or rip my hair though I did have to cut a few knots out.

Once I got through that I obviously wanted to try my new products and I must say, this collection is amazing. The shampoo wasn't overly drying and the steam masque conditioner restored my hair to its soft fluffy state. My favorites are the Moisture Sealing Spray -  it's an amazing detangler and is super hydrating, and the Curl Designing Cream was just that, creamy. It didn't leave my hair greasy or crunchy.

What I did for the look above is wash and condition my hair. I then sectioned my hair into four chunks and used the Moisture Sealing Spray. I didn't go crazy and over spray because I wasn't sure if it was oily or what it would do to my hair (it's not oily FYI, I was just nervous using it for the first time). Afterwords I brushed each section with a vent brush - if you have naturally curly hair, I find that the vent brush when my hair is went makes my curls super defined and kind of stuck together.

After each section was brushed through I shmeared a dollop of the Curl Designing Cream from root to tip then just rolled it in a little bun to dry and went to bed. When I woke up I just put some of the Finishing Oil on my hands so that I didn't make frizz and unravelled the buns and shook my hair loose. 

One other thing I do to finish my hair is to grab the blow dryer and put it on cool and just blow my hair all around and shake it with my fingers to get rid of the parts or spaces from sectioning my hair. 

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