September 11, 2014

Sticking To It

White. Again... Well, forever.

Alice & You Sweatshirt: ASOS Curve, Pique Skirt: Eloquii, Manseur Gavriel Bucket Bag, Shades: Miu Miu

Currently laughing at my sister's attempt to find something to watch on TV. As soon as we see something good and or recognizable it's in German or French haha. Moving on. I'm still obsessed with all white and I'm pretty sure this feeling will never go away.

London is alot more warm than I decided it was in my mind. Yes, I checked the weather but I just felt like since I want to dress for fall, the weather bug wasn't telling me the full truth. It was. It's too hot for all of the sweaters I brought but, whatevs. Loooondon, happy.

Photos by David Nyanzi
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