November 7, 2014

The Giant Scarf

You know I'm all about that B.A.S. about that B.A.S. no treble!
A slight remix because, didn't ya know? B.A.S. totally stands for big ass scarf. We've talked a little bit about blanket fashion but it's definitely one of this seasons themes. Giant scarves are like the warmth, love and cradling you've always wanted from your wardrobe. It's basically being rocked like a baby as you walk down the street looking amazing.

So you want choices. That's cool. The B.A.S. I'm wearing is from Zara and about 50 bucks. But remember it's a scarf, a binkie for the train, a swaddling device and eventually a picnic blanket. You can find other B.A.S. options at different price points here and here

Want help narrowing that down? I know, soooo many options. These are my favorites here, here, here and here.

 Leather Jacket and Grey Jeans: ASOS Curve

Photos by Lydia Hudgens
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