December 28, 2014

My Dominican Holiday

 Dress via ASOS Curve, Sandals via Smash Shoes

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I spent Christmas with my family in the Dominican Republic. We decided to escape the traditional holiday hoopla and runaway to an island. Best. Idea. Ever. 

We stayed at the brand new Chic Hotel, a Royalton resort that opened just days before we arrived. A brand new hotel can be a little scary but, I'm a big fan of Royalton hotels and had my fingers crossed that there would be no surprises. 

The resort is gorgeous - the decor is modern and yes, chic. The pools are perfection and the rooms are great spacious, comfortable and the shower is ENOURMOUS. Living in Uptown Manhattan, I have my share of Dominican food fairly regularly but, local food was pretty scarce. The best food I had was Middle Eastern from one of the three restaurants. That's the risk you run with all inclusive resorts however, that's how my peeps like to roll so I go with the flow.

We didn't much venture out because this holiday was truly about rest and relaxation (and drunken pool/beach time). My sister - who isn't quite the animal lover that I am did push her personal limits and go horseback riding. When she arrived and was met with about 100 doggies and a monkey - well, let's just say there's video, and it's hilarious!

All in all- a beautiful stay. I'm sure the early arrival kinks will be worked out soon enough.

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