January 19, 2015

Review: ForStyler Hair Twister

I've been having a lot of fun with my hair lately! Today I'm reviewing the ForStyler Hair Twister. For the last year of so I've been heat styling my hair. I love my natural springy curls but I wanted to switch things up and go with a different look for a while. Sadly, heat styling has stolen my curl pattern and left me with a much looser curl and so I'm constantly looking for options to achieve the looks I want without further damaging my curl pattern.

What I love about the Hair Twister is that there's no direct heat and so it's much more gentle on my hair than a curling iron. It's also great for girls who aren't as great operating a traditional curling iron. So I took it for a test run - here's how...First you should brush out your hair, be sure to day dream about your S.O., playing with kittens and chocolate chip cookies as demonstrated above.

Next, you just need to pop the Hair Twister onto the end of your blow dryer. It requires none of the force exhibited in the above photo.

Take a small section of your hair and drop it into the Hair Twister. That little black twisty wand is what actually curls your hair. It's quite cool! I set my blowdryer to medium heat.

Since I was going for loose waves, I didn't leave it go for too long, just about 10 seconds and it gave my hair the body that I wanted. (The left side is not done, the right side is twisted)

Here's my finished look. Soft loose waves. Just enough to give my hair some body. The twister can create much tighter spiral curls. I'll show you guys that look another time if you want. Leave a comment and let me know.

Hair Twister c/o ForStyler

Photos by Lydia Hudgens
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