February 16, 2015

In The Navy

I'm not looking at anything, but let's keep going anyway! K?

 Coat(on sale!), Jeans (fit tip: size down), Bag via ASOS Curve | Hair by Pretty Curls 247

I've owned this coat for about 2 weeks and have worn it 90% of those days. This 9 degrees weather we are experiencing in NYC feels like a punishment in many ways. (What did we do??) But mainly because I've had to switch to my vortex puffer when I'm not just going from my door into a taxi and right into another warm building.

Unfortunately for those of you in other parts of the world, you'll hear your north east friends do nothing but complain about the weather because if you ever have the pleasure of experiencing what 1 degree feels like, you won't shut up about it either.

As for the fashion - honestly, this is very much my uniform lately. I'm obsessively mixing navy, black and other neutrals together. Something you should know about this coat, it's a wool blend so it's actually quite warm! I have a feeling spring will bring with it a major color splash into my wardrobe but for now, here we are. Naked Nude and happy.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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