February 9, 2015

Wardrobe Staples

Leather Jacket, Jeans and Sunglasses via ASOS Curve | Striped Tee, Lauren by Ralph Lauren | Bag, Kate Spade | Tassel necklace c/o Impulse PR | similar Patent Black Pumps

I can hear little ice chips hitting my window as I type this. It's raining, ICE people (SIGH). Well, in-between vile ice and snow storms, I wear clothes that don't resemble the migration of a people across an arctic tundra. This was on of those increasingly rare moments. 

Every item in this outfit is on my must have wardrobe staples list. Granted my list is fairly long (I'll have to share that one day - soon perhaps) but, it's all on there.

Leather jacket, check.
Simple striped tee (short and long sleeve), check.
Kick ass denim, check.
Walkable black pumps, check.
Tassel jewelry, check.
Anything in pale pink, check.
Cat eye sunnies, check.
Red lips, check.

Anyhoo, sorry I'm all complainy about the weather. But like, it's gross soooo... On a happier note, fashion week kicks off this week. I'll be in the throws of planning events for All-Star Weekend but hopefully I'll get to see some of my favorite gals out and about!

Photos by Lydia Hudgens
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