March 25, 2015

A Wear Everywhere Dress

Sunglasses, Chloe | Patterned Shirt Dress, Old Navy | Bag, Balenciaga | Sandals, Smash Shoes

Hey guys! So as I mentioned I'm in Miami for a few days and I'll be checking in to show you what I'm wearing. Most pictures will be on my instagram, if you care to follow along there! I knew I needed a few pieces for this trip because in true Kellie fashion, I hate everything I own from last summer. I spent most of the fall winter in super minimal looks and of course for spring summer I'm loving a stark contrast - feeling a bit bohemian y'all. That of course is subject to change at any given moment.

I'll admit, I don't pop onto the Old Navy site much but when I do, I'm usually pleasantly surprised. I saw this dress and had to have it (P.S. it's on SALE now). Even though it has long sleeves, they are really easy to roll up and it's perfect even in this Miami heat. I've paired it with silver sandals to keep it feeling modern and an old Balenciaga saddle bag that I got from Barney's a bunch of years ago.

This dress will get quite a bit of use this season, I'm even going back for the other color options.
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