March 30, 2015

South Beach Miami - WMC

I'm back from Miami and NYC has not yet rolled out the springy welcome wagon. Ugh! Miami is often called the 6th borough of NYC because it's such a short flight and we often run away from our often snowy and concrete lives for weekend getaways. I'm there at least once a year to hang out with and help my guy with events during Winter Music Conference. 

It's a fantastic time when Miami hotels jack prices way up and sell out in an instant, yay conferences! it's also one of those times when location is more important than your hotel brand desires. If there is an SLS in any given city, I'm there. But we needed to be below 10th street to make most of our plans walkable. 

We ended up at this interesting little boutique called Metropole. It was actually better than and larger than many NYC apartments. There's a living room, dinning room and full kitchen. Bedroom with walk in closet and bathroom off of the living room. Amenities included free wifi, a courtyard with a tanning pool, free shuttle to and from Miami airport and really good security. (It get's crazy at night during conference).

All and all, not bad. Bonus, right across the street is Puerto Sagua - the best Cuban in South Beach which serves cafe con leche that literally can make you levitate. Also on the same block, MAC, Sunglass Hut, Zara and Club Monaco. Yea, yea I bought stuff.

A little about what I'm wearing - obsessed with this jumper, It's going to be in heavy rotation. I oddly managed to bring a bunch of black to the beach, not on purpose! Also if you didn't know, ASOS has a pretty great selection of large size shoes for my size 11 and over lovies. It's sort of buried amongst the other offerings but you can check it out here.

Photos of me, Daunier Estevez | All others c/o Metropole South Beach
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