April 13, 2015

Plus Size Yoga Wear

Just your average fitness buff/pro trainer...

Outfit c/o Soybu | Sneakers, New Balance

The most important thing to remember when you workout is to make faces, that's how you know it's intense. Wait, before this turns into a post filled with my super brilliant and highly effective tips - a little back story. So like, I'm a chub...ok duh but, I've always been super active. Swimming, dancing, gym, traveling, etc. But the last eight months of my life have been challenging to say the least and I'm in a gain control moment. Gotta pull it together before I'm like old and totally unhealthy blah blah. 

I've spent the last couple of weeks being way more thoughtful about what I eat and now it's time to add the movement back into my life. I've been avoiding the gym like the plague and the main muscle being flexed has been my brain - empire building and what not. Time to shake my ass, and everything else.

Denver based designer yoga wear company Soybu has just added plus sizes to their huge assortment of yoga and fitness wear and since they asked me to take a few pieces on a test run, it was the perfect time to get moving. The clothes are SO soft. Like made of angel eyelashes soft. Everything is incredibly comfortable and the leggings stay in place. The collection is so cute, it's perfect for those days where you need to keep going.

plussize yoga
 Sometimes I act normal you guys...

 And other times I shadow box with actual shadows.

plussize fitness

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