May 14, 2015

Mood Board, Home Office Redesign

This post is in partnership with Safavieh Home

My home office has gone through a few transformations over the last few years. At first, it was an office with hodge-podge left overs but it worked...and I worked in it. Then I changed my work situation a bit and working out of my midtown office three days a week prompted me to turn the space into an office/closet combo. This. Was. A. Disaster.

As a blogger there's a constant influx of clothes and product and my "office" was becoming more of a catch all. I needed to make a change, a big one! I need a place where I can work - both PR and blog and a creative space because I love making things. I've just about finished redesigning my living room and it's time to tackle the madness. 

The first thing I've done is figured out what I want this room to look and feel like. I work best when I'm in a clutter free space that is aesthetically pleasing, obvi...and I knew that I wanted a fairly neutral room. Check out my palette! It's a smokey cream that in certain light looks like a lovely blush color, mocha brown, white and grey. I'm also looking to mix metals with chrome and sprinkles of gold.

Safavieh Home has SO many options but the foundation of an office is the desk so, I started there. On the above inspiration board you can see the desk I chose. I wanted a good amount of work space and my boyfriend often works here so I opted for two smaller desks that will face each other rather than one grand supersize desk. I'm well on my way! I can't wait to share the completed room with you all soon! 

Do you have a work space in your home? Let's share organizational ideas! Let me know what you're doing!?
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