May 31, 2015

My Redesigned Home Office

This post is in partnership with Safavieh Home

It's finally finished! Well, mostly... you know how you always add little touches to a room here and there. Welcome to my home office. I'm fortunate enough to have a little bit of space, which is a rarity in Manhattan and given the 24 hour nature of my job - it's great to have a place separate from where I relax and or sleep to be productive.

 My Style: I love monochromatic neutrals and, mermaids.

This room has seen a few transitions, including really bad green walls, yikes! I wanted to create a space where I actually wanted to spend time. I partnered with Safavieh, one of my favorite home decor brands to bring my ideas to life.  They offer an incredible mix of both luxury and accessible pieces that fit into my classic but modern design sensibility. Then of course, I piled on odd ball accessories for fun things to stare at in my A.D.D. moments.

  My Style: Sometimes it's fun to double up. Two smaller desks versus one large desk works well.

 Here's a full view of the room. I can't tell you how much I love spending time here. When I'm not at my desk working, I'm sitting in this super soft Safavieh club chair stalking you guys on instagram. Since my apartment is one of those "no shoe zones'. It's great to have accent rugs that feel yummy. I layered these two Safavieh rugs - the grey is shag and the cream is sheepskin. So soft!

 My Style: Mixing metals is a great way to keep things from feeling matchy matchy.

 The best thing about these puffs is that they are firm, I can actually sit on them!

Nesting Tables, Console Table, Desks, Club Chair, File Drawer, Leather Puffs and Rugs c/o Safavieh Home

Photos by Lydia Hudgens
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