July 10, 2015

7 Travel Friendly Beauty Essentials

dove nars tide nail polish

Some months it feels like I need to get out of the city and others it feels like I haven't slept in my own bed in about that much time. I'm on a last minute mission in LA for work and attending Beauty Con LA. There are few go to products that I always bring with me in some variation or another. Here are 7 that I cannot travel without!

1. Rollerball Perfume | Chloe, Chloe' - I've had enough expensive bottles of perfume jacked by the TSA to know that travel size is paramount. The other issue for me is that the smaller sizes and their dainty caps have opened up on me. What I love about rollerball bottles is that they are less expensive, they are really easy to drop into your purse (or tiny clutch) should you need to reapply and it's impossible to spill all over everything. This scent makes me bat my eyelashes and use big words. Check out other rollerball scents here.

2. Tide To-Go Stick - I am Calamity Jane. Need I say more? Ok here's a little more. A mix of clumsy and the curse of the big boobs wearing white, blush, nude colors is an accident waiting to happen. For me, it often does...ugh! Yes, it actually works and yes, I walk around with it always. Always.

3. Dove Travel Size Deodorant - Deodorant, duh right? Deodorant should be apart of your life everyday obvi but what I love about Dove is that I can use different scents without gambling and trying different brands. Since puberty Dove has worked really well at holding me all day and when your running around from meeting to meeting to event to dinner blah blah blah the last thing I want is my pits to set someones nose hairs on fire. I also like to toss this travel size in my bag even in NYC.

4. Nude Nail Polish | Lauren B. Beauty, City of Angels - I've either booked a trip in a days notice and didn't have time for a manicure or I have a manicure that's holding on for dear life so...I always bring nude polish so that I can paint or touch up my own nails. There's never time to stop. Lauren B. is amazing because there's no bizarro murderous ingredients like formaldehyde, ew. Also, <3 always="" and="" blushy="" forever.="" pink="" span="">

5. Yes to Cucumber Soothing Facial Towelettes - These are amazing because they are in fact soothing, my skin is so volatile and hates any sudden movements less I become a pizza face. So keeping the grease and bacteria at bay is ideal. They also remove makeup, amazing.

6. Dr. Jart+ Ceremindin Cream - So this is magic and I dunno, magic can't really be explained by a neophyte such as myself. All I can say is you put this on and your 17 year old self stares back at you in the mirror. Something to do with plumping, time release moisture...? Just get it. It's a bit of an investment but worth every penny.

7. A Bright Lip | Nars, Heat Wave - No brainer but, here's why. You know (you totally don't lol but anyway) "you know!" I love a matte lip. Thing is, after an airplane has vaporized all the moisture from my body, I need something semi matte so that my lips and or lipstick don't crack into dust. Being the adventurer that I am instead of my typical red, I get crazy and wear orange. Ca'raaaazaaay.


8. Shades | Karen Walker, Super Duper Strength Sunglasses -  When all else fails and you look like hell, throw on a pair of bomb shades and keep it moving.
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