July 24, 2015

Atris Makeup Brushes

Artis Elite collection combines ergonomics with design, function and performance for a cosmetic tool that is easier and more efficient to use. That's what they told me and so I was curious. Now you know, I never claim to be one of those brilliant beauty experts who knows every formulation, can tell you how many hairs is in any given brush etc. etc. etc.

Just a girl that loves playing with makeup and since most days I have on eye liner and lipstick - I love learning about new products, how to use them and exploring what works best for me. The Artis 3 piece collection is available now at net-a-porter but they have a new similar 3 piece brush set that comes with a cleaning pad and brush cleansing spray that will be available on QVC tonight. Celeb fans Kim K. and Sophia Vergara - so there's that...

sophia vergara
Are these brushes easier to use? Umm, yes. So I'm naturally left handed but, my private elementary school switched me. Yes, this is child abuse but I digress...anyway that's left me with kind of an ambidextrious awkward ass approach to holding things. I could use these brushes with both hands really easily. Childhood scars 0, my brows 1.

There's all these high tech reasons they say this works better but here's the skinny. Circle 1 works for lips and concealers. Oval 4 is great for applying shadow, under eye concealer and highlighting brow bones and such. Linear 1 is for lining upper lids, brows yadda yadda. I'm into it.

Side bar - I haven't really be highlighting but then Nars' Tribulation from the upcoming fall collection came into my life and well, consider me high and lighted.

In collaboration with Artis Brushes, all opinions are my own.
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