July 29, 2015

Dear Rivington

Today was one of those wonderfully New York days where you are transported into different worlds all within our 13 mile island. The day began with a swim and followed by a stop into the office for meetings. I took an extra minute to stare out of my window and allow myself to be sucked into to the magic of the city. A perk to working in the Empire State building, no doubt.

It was a really productive day where conceptualizing ideas for campaigns, events and partnerships felt like I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to be doing. I pop out for drinks with some new friends and on my way come across this incredible store on Great Jones Street. 

Dear Rivington is a visual representation of what I always imagined my life to be like. It's smart, well traveled, stylish, minimal, untraditionally feminine in a corky time traveler sense, open, beautiful and welcoming. I was in awe.

So I walked around the store, touching things, exploring and the shop owner walked up to me. I sort of braced myself for a snooty attitude and an exasperated "can I help you?" but, instead was met with a very friendly yet reserved hello. I told him I was overwhelmed by the utter cool of the store and asked if I could take pictures. He said of course and let me have my little girl in momma's closet moment. Touching everything, trying things on and snapping photo after photo.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, his beautiful doggy comes out and walks right up to me for some love. Ahh! The store is filled with Commes des Garcons esque designers, private label Dear Rivington pieces and lots of vintage. There are many plus friendly options including my one true love, sack dresses, oversized sweaters, coats etc.

I wrapped up my day with a little Rose' with my friends at DNA, great conversations about design, architecture, branding, PR, relationships, art, business, personal motivation. Incredible. What a day!

Photos by me::iPhone
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