July 14, 2015

Neutrogena Acne Solutions

good skin

The way I see it, some wicked witch wagged her finger at infant Kellie and said "a pox upon your face, forever!". Ugh. Witches.

We won't discuss the fist full of fried Oreos and two hot dogs I demolished Fourth of July weekend. That's when this reign of terror began on my face. Followed by a delightful hormonal break out. All of which led me to needing to go out of town for meetings and a few events. My face loves breaking out while traveling too, yay!

So I get to LA, go straight to a meeting looking a hot mess then race back to my hotel to change for a party. It's my lucky day. The event is for BeautyCon and hosted by Neutrogena. I'm immediately asked to take a quiz to learn about my skin type in order so that they can give me appropriate goodies. Ok fab!

First question - Do you currently have a breakout. Next question - how many pimples are on your face right now? I swallowed my pride and told the truth, ummm 400? My skin is either perfect or in complete flux so...yah 400.

Apparently I'm a wad of sensitive pimple prone fuckery and there's a solution for that. Above is what I received as a gift as a result of my quiz taking. Since I was mid breakout I used all of this for the next two days in the hotel and of course...when it was time to leave LA my skin was perfect.

My favorite are the Rapid Clear pads. They removed loads of oil and dirt even after cleansing but didn't leave my face dry. I consider this my break incase of emergency kit (get the products here).
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