August 13, 2015

Drugstore Beauty: New In

mascara, moisturize, baby powder

I wanted to share a few new members of my beauty team fresh off the shelves of your friendly neighborhood drugstore. If you're in New York City, your not so friendly neighborhood drugstore...amirite?

1. Vaseline's Intensive Care Spray Moisture - My boyfriend and I are both addicted to this. Is lotioning your body the traditional way hard? No. However, This is totally better. We joke that it reminds of of that old trusty furniture polish we all know and love because it shines up our brown (skin) so quickly haha. It's made me lazy to lotion. It's also super lightweight and doesn't feel greasy at all. Highly recommend!

2. Rimmel's new Wonder'lash Lift Me Up Mascara - Mascara's make a lot of promises but in truth this one really just makes me lashes look thick and I love that. The packaging is cute and I'm a sucker for that. For someone with longer lashes this would be a God send, for me it makes them thicker not necessarily longer so it gives me a more natural look rather than drama.

3. Johnson's Baby Powder Soothing Aloe & Vitamin E - Two words: Thigh Meat. Me likey. Also If I were a baby I might want to have this all over my chest and belly and rocked to sleep. it sh'mells good.

4. Elf's Blemish Control Face Primer - So, I'm kind of a primer idiot. What I know is that my skin is sensitive and anything that claims to help prevent makeup breaking me out I will try. I'm 90% sure it's helping and on the days I am wearing foundation (it's HOT outside!) I notice the oil stays back a bit longer.

5. Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen - The truth is my teeth were whiter after the first use, only a little but noticable. I thought it was a fluke so I kept using it and I've seen a decent change. Given that I smoked from like 15-26 years old...I have a bit more to come back from. It's really easy to use though each time I feel like I'm doing it wrong but it works so, there's that.

BOOOOOM drugstore stuff. Go get 'em.

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