October 14, 2015

Curly Afro Styling

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Now that the weather has changed I've been playing with different styling techniques for my natural hair. I kind of go back and forth between wash and go and twist outs and the results always vary. Curly hair is so unpredictable!

I was feeling experimental on a recent trip to Duane Reade and picked up a few "new to me" products from Shea Moisture. Maybe it's strange but I generally feel let down by conditioners. I have ones that work wonders for me but I try something new its either too light or doesn't detangle. So I thought why don't I keep my current conditioner that I love and try an after conditioning masque. Really happy that I did!

This Anti-Breakage masque adds an extra layer of moisture to my hair and leaves it feeling silky soft. As for the Curl Styling Milk I'm not sure if I'm using it as intended but it's working well for me. What I do is after cleansing and conditioning my hair - I t-shirt towel dry my hair (real towels make frizz!) and then I slather on some of this styling milk pull hair up into a top knot so that it can air dry a bit more then, while slightly damp I twist it in 5 or 6 large sections. That's a total run on sentence, sorry.

The other experimental part is that i never put gel of any sort in my hair unless i'm slicking it down. The Curling Gel Souffle is ok, I'm not sold. I'm not sure that it did anything and I could definitely feel it in my hair the next day. It might be good for a different texture hair? I'm not sure. All in all, I really like what I selected. Still up for experimenting with new products. Always looking for the Holy Grail.

Photo of me by Lydia Hudgens
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