October 8, 2015

Nadia Aboulhosn x Addition Elle

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I usually wear Nadia because she tries to use me as a body pillow, today...I'm wearing clothes she designed!

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Of course you've seen and heard that Nadia has launched a capsule collection with Addition Elle. The collection has been shown during New York Fashion week and last night Lord & Taylor hosted and event celebrating Nadia's collection being sold in-store. Addition Elle has prime real estate on the expansive plus size floor of the mega retailer...very cool.

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The event was pretty fab, complete with a huge turn out of fans of both Nadia and Addition Elle. We are so often relegated to shopping online, which I don't mind but the in-store retail experience is definitely something I miss from time to time. Addition Elle has gorgeous locations in Canada and a great online store, but it's pretty amazing that for those of us who want to get a touch and feel experience, try on loads of pieces and fall in love with things that we might not have naturally selected online to have the option to go see the Addition Elle pieces in person.

blogger moto jacket

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On to the clothes! Nadia is a petite hour glass and likes to show a lot of skin, but the collection is impressively diverse. There are so many pieces that work on a number of body types and suit a variety of personal style preferences. Here are a few things I loved on my 5'10 fully plus sized body. The pants were long enough for me to cuff, because - ankles, aways. The pieces I selected are 22/24 and the fit was perfect. 

Nad - Literally so proud.

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Photos by Lydia Hudgens
This post is in partnership with Addition Elle, all opinions are my own.
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