October 6, 2015

Plaid by the Rules, Or Break 'Em

plus size plaid
Happy fall y'all! Am I the only one who's obsessed with early fall? The air is crisp, there's buzzing energy after all that time (well spent) laying around on beaches and fashion becomes so much fun again. Rather than trying to exist in sticky NYC in as little clothing as possible – it's time to express ourselves. Hello, plaid!

plus size plaid
Plaid Poncho | C'est La Vie Tee (ha, rhymes...)

plus size leather skirt
Plaid is one of those classics that is constantly reinvented. You can go traditional and play by the rules, you can break them or get crazy and do both! Here's how my take on playing by the rules.

A classic red and black plaid is magical with black leather. What I love about this open poncho style is that though it's from the straight size section, it's very much plus size friendly. (Always take a peek, you'll usually find something that works for you.) I also love the fringe details on the edges and the fact that I can layer it over or under any look. I paired it with this fun graphic tee in grey and black to add interest. My blue denim jacket adds a pop of color and keeps the look fresh.

plaid denim jacket leather skirt
target plaid graphic tee leather skirt
plus size blogger

Breaking fashion rules brings me the cheekiest kind of joy but, that doesn't have to mean jumping up and down while blowing a whistle. Subtlety can be very effective. This pink and blue button down leaped off the rack into my arms. It's a little outside of my natural inclinations but for some reason I went right for it. A blink of an eye later I saw this cozy striped sweaterish/sweatshirtish top and new instantly they belonged together.

plus size blogger

blogger plaid plus size

Mixing stripes and plaid may not be for everyone but the tonal colors, proportions of the patterns and peek-a-boo shirt collar and hem made me love this little rule breaking outfit. I kept all of the shapes simple and added nude accessories so that nothing was competing. Which outfit would you wear and why? Let me know!

target plaid

plus size jeans
Photos by Lydia Hudgens
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