What You Shouldn't Miss in Newport RI

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Newport is the kind of small town that you should dig into ever nook and cranny but here are the things a few things that cannot be missed!

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I partnered with Discover Newport to explore this incredible historical town and their other worldly level of organization helped insure that I got to see just about everything! You already know about where I stayed and what I I'll share what I did during my stay!

Newport is best known for the massive mansions that decorate the landscape from Bellevue Avenue to the seaside. You can drive around for hours just looking at everything from the outside. Breathtaking sprawling properties that compete with the scale of some of manhattans average size apartment buildings kind of leave you in awe. 

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You can also grab a day pass and tour the inside of the most famous mansions with a guided tour or an audio tour. I'll admit it can be hard to keep my attention via audio tours but this was just fascinating. Wandering around the Breakers - the home of the Vanderbilt family was really amazing. It does bring to mind the vast disparity in American culture between the haves and have nots but it was really something to see the opulence of the Guilded Age in person.

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 Marble House

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There's no proper visit to Newport without sailing. We boarded the Madeline for an afternoon sail and heard (mostly tall tales) from the crew about Newport history. Pretty funny though...I was hard press to believe some of it, ha! It was an unseasonably warm day so being out on the water and spending the day with my guy was perfect! (More on my outfit here.)

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There are several different vineyards in and around Newport. We went to an old family farm at Greenvale Vineyards for a tasting and to learn about the process and of course eat a few grapes! There were some really good reds in the mix. Next time I'm in town, I definitely want to go to Newport Vineyard - we ended up driving by but were pressed for time. 


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pebble beach
Lastly, the beach. You must visit the stunning pebble stone beach. We took a nice walk, threw a few stones and ended a perfect 3 day getaway! I'm looking forward to returning during beach season!

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