December 22, 2015

Buying and Selling Clothing with Clothes Mentor

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I bought this Eileen Fisher sweater for under $20, here's how!

buy and sell clothes

Sweater via Clothes Mentor | Dress, Mei Smith | Booties here

Clothing exchange stores are growing in popularity and for good reason. I've visited a few local places in NYC and had decent and I popped into Clothing Mentor when I was visiting my family in Philly to check out the chain.

What was most appealing is that there are over 120 stores nationwide. So, I knew that when sharing this with you guys many of you would be able to check out a local store. Here's how it works. You can shop the deeply discounted merchandise (there are a lot of plus size options that I saw for myself!) and you can bring gently used items in to sell - don't expect a huge pay day but rather a little something is better than nothing for pieces you no longer need or want.

Clothes Mentor sells items at about 1/3 of the original retail price and then offer you about 1/3 of that. If you have really expensive items you might be better off selling them on your own but this is a great place to bring in everyday items. I brought in a few things I no longer needed.

While in the store I was able to meet two of the local owners who were really lovely women who are so passionate about their franchises and what they are offering women shopping in the store.

All in all it's definitely a great option for purging your closet and grabbing a few new things as well.

buy and sell clothes

Photos by Christina Emilie
This post is sponsored by Clothing Mentor, all opinions are my own.
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