December 15, 2015

Here's Why You Should Take Advantage of the Low Fares to the French Island of Martinique

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Island hopping is my absolute favorite winter past time. And though we are a few days away from the official start to the winter season, there's good reason to get a jump start on this special place.

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I celebrated the inaugural direct flight from JFK to Martinique on Norwegian with my friends at Martinique tourism. The fares are incredibly low on direct flights from New York City now through April.

The French island of Martinique is one of those rare places in the Caribbean where the beautiful pristine beaches are more like an exclamation point rather than the entire reason for going. We all know that tropical islands are warm weather oasis' with lovely blue water and white sand beaches but what Martinique has to offer beyond the beach is what's truly fascinating. 

slave savannah

One of our first stops was to the Slave Savannah Village run by Gilbert. It's an incredible replica slave village capturing the history of slavery in Martinique in what feels like a walkable time capsule. Gilbert makes traditional cassava bread (which is actually really tasty), gives a tour of the grounds which includes replica homes, a medicinal garden and small farm.

sailing in martinique

There's nothing like a day well spent sailing on a catamaran. You can book half or full day excursions and spend your time touring the sites from the sea with a few pit stops to places like Saint Pierre, Martinique's former capitol, jumping off for a swim and lunch on the boat. One of my favorite meals was this really yummy smoked chicken aboard our boat. There's also snorkeling and lots of tropical fish to see.

tour martinique

tour martinique
Saint Pierre was one of my favorite places, it's a rustic village full of nostalgic island charm. There might be a push to revamp the area to it's former greatness but I kind of love it just as it is! Fort de France is the current capital of Martinique and is busy, bustling with people and shops.

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tour martinique

** A few things you should note while traveling. Martinique, though located in the Caribbean is France. Everyone speaks French, the food is French (of course with Caribbean influences but different than other islands I've been on) and they use the Euro. 

Lastly, what's a vacation without an amazing place to lay your head. One of the best hotels on the island is Cap.Est Lagoon and Resort. An absolutely magical place with lush botanicals, gorgeous villas with private pools and epic views. The beach is man-made but lovely. Highlight, the outdoor shower - there's just something about standing naked in warm water under the stars.

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tour martinique

tour martinique
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Travel and accommodations provided by the island of Martinique, all opinions are my own.
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