January 22, 2016

9 Style Bloggers to Follow On Instagram

style blog
From left to right:

For those of you who don't know in addition to my personal Instagarm @itsmekellieb I also have a another account called - you guessed it, @andigetdressed. Here's where I feature stylin' looks from around the web that I think are cool and inspiring. What makes @andigetdressed unique is that it's not about plus size fashion, black fashion, etc. It's about fashion. It's about cool pictures of kick ass babes looking fly. Every kind of woman. Big women, little women, everything in between. Blondes, black girls, women in hijabs, Asian girls, city girls, Canadians... Wide leg pants, knee boots, interesting color choices. It's classic, edgy, preppy, feminine, androgynous. 

I don't want to look at homogenized accounts. All of my favorite "mainstream" mega accounts rarely feature women who look like me, no matter how banging we are...and other's only feature, black girls (because we don't get featured other places) or fat girls (for the same reason) and as much as I love a fly fat girl, I don't want to see only fat girls and or "fat girl" style either.

I wanted a place where the looks were elevated, the photos were cool and the style made me want to scroll and scroll...and scroll. I want to see ALL kinds of women in one chic as hell place! Above are a few that I love love love from this week. Maybe a weekly recap here is a good thing, eh?

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