January 1, 2016

A Few Thoughts on New Year Resolutions

Some people have strong aversions to the concept of setting resolutions. Perhaps it's because we so often fall short, or that we are more jaded than ever or maybe people think they are just fine as they are. Either way, I'm one of those people who fully believes in setting goals and yes, resolutions. 

I think it's also important to share them with your S.O., family or friends so that you can be held accountable. Trust me, I'm so very guilty of falling short in the resolutions department but in the past - I've seen success when I approached things as a goal rather than a resolution. So rather than telling myself what I won't do, I'm going to think about what I will do.

I have a long list of things I plan on succeeding at in 2016. A few that I'll share are:

1. Cook more - I'm one of those Manhattanites that could easily be using my oven for shoe storage. My goal is to eat food that I've cooked far more often than not.

2. Chase my personal passions - I love swimming it makes me feel good mind, body and spirit. I need to do it weekly. I live to travel, a trip to Asia is something I will make happen. I've been wanting to take a graphic design class for some basic skills that I'm missing that will be both fun and help my business. 

3. Play soft ball - the last few summers, some friends have organized a game and I've been unable to play. Not because I don't know how (in my mind I'm definitely good enough for the Minor League) but because my knee injury hasn't allowed me to. I know that once I take control of my health in a more definite way, I will be in that game and not just a cheerleader.

If at first you don't succeed try, try again. Corny, but so real.

Photo by Christina Emilie
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