plus size body con
 "Walking into 2016 like..." oh internets, who makes this stuff up? But seriously, walk with me. Walk with me on the path to success.

plus size body con

I feel like back in the day (5 years ago before social media control our lives), it must have taken slang and pop culture references about 100 times longer to embed into our consciousness. We had to wait for our favorite rapper to repeat something 25 times in a song or who knows how that stuff even spread like wild fire. But now, a meme or two later - we all got it. Repeating shenanigans that amuse us. I sure am glad my creative mind had a chance to develop first ha! I digress...

plus size body con

blogger sleeveless trench
All black again, this time mixing things up with brown booties. I just find it a little more unexpected, tad bit edgy and gives a bit more "cool girl" vibe. You know how much I love layering a dress, this sleeveless trench is a perfect layering piece. And since NYC decided to actually participate in winter again, layering is now a must. Ugh, bye bye 50 degree December days. So sad.

plus size body con
Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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