January 11, 2016

Get Moving, Stay Moving

Major key, take lots of steps...

 Nola Workout Wear c/o Addition Elle | Sneakers, New Balance

Since I'm making my best effort to keep my word to myself the way that I keep my word to others, one of my new winter "no nos" is that barring a blizzard (God forbid), I need to make sure that I'm not sitting at home during work days glued to my computer. Working independently requires a lot of self discipline and structure and now that I'm back to working from home I have to make an effort to reinstate some of my previous structure.

I've been really good about getting up and going swimming but on the days where I'm feeling less like a mermaid, I'm getting moving outside or in a traditional gym. I needed some new cute clothes for the occasion and this Addition Elle fleece lined hoodie was perfect for keeping warm on those out door days. The tank and yoga pants work year round so great for me no matter what timezone or temperature I end up in.

(Fret not, you'll only have to suffer through Khalid references a short while longer.)

Photos by Lydia Hudgens
This post is sponsored by Addition Elle, all opinions are my own.
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