January 5, 2016

Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall, Jamaica

Family travel can be a little tricky when you're with a group of adults (my dress here).

As much as I love traveling with my sister, my love or friends - traveling with a larger group, especially family can be challenging. Our family Christmas trip is one of those times where we are at least six people, all adults and looking for a resort that would work for everyone from my 21 year old cousin to my dad and aunt who are in their 60's.

This past holiday we spent Christmas break at the Hyatt Zilara in Montego Bay Jamaica. We've been to Jamaica before as a family and I've been several times with friends but have always stayed in Negril. I was a little weary of Montego Bay because I thought it to be much more kid friendly and we are that family that doesn't want to share a pool with little kids jumping in and splashing you in the face.

We were all really pleasantly surprised by Zilara. It's an adult only all inclusive and as all inclusives go, this one was pretty impressive. The staff was fantastic, the food was really good - there where two restaurants on the adult side of the property a Jerk Hut and four other restaurants on the sister property where children where allowed.

Here's why the property worked for all of us. My sister and I are a bit more into boutique hotels with a bit of cool factor - Zilara isn't a massive all inclusive that you need a golf cart to navigate and the rooms though more cookie cutter than we normally go for had gorgeous marble bathrooms that kind of reminded me of the Ace Hotel.

Our dad likes lots of on property restaurant options and access to golf and Zilara offers a free round. My aunt doesn't like going off property and there was plenty to do including a Micheal Jackson tribute that she loved. I of course drank rum and fell asleep on that one, ha! We all like going back and fourth from the beach to the pool. There were perfectly placed cabanas that were very affordable (something like $40 a day!) centrally located between the ocean and pool. So we perched there, perfect.

Massage prices are a bit inflated at hotels and resorts but there's just something about being naked and covered in oil on the beach that can't be beat. I guess it's the prolonged relaxation that they charge extra for. I find that when I get a massage in the city, once you leave the solace of the massage room, it all starts to unravel rather quickly. You exit the spa, contend with the city taxi or subway, your senses are assaulted repeatedly before reaching home and poof - euphoria no more.

On this glorious day, I got an 80 minute Swedish, climbed off the table only to put my swimsuit back on and lay by the pool. Tough day, I know. But what that translated to is me being able to let the relaxed state truly sink in and it's affects lasted days longer.

Dress c/o Rachel Pally - Available here

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