January 13, 2016

The Ludlow Hotel

hotel week
Did you know that hotel rates in the city (NYC) dip during January and February? If you don't mind the winter weather it might a great time to visit or a mini staycation.

ludlow hotel
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The staycation concept is nothing new but honestly, sometimes because of New York City hotel rates, it feels hardly worth it. I think to myself, I could be somewhere tropical. Bu, there are definitely times when travel becomes less expensive and in New York City, the top of the year is one of those times. The holiday and New Years Eve hoopla has passed, the weather isn't exactly predictable and thus...hotel rates become increasingly affordable.

When I learned about hotel week my heart skipped a beat. Just like restaurant week, hotel week offers amazing rates on a select group of hotels around the city. $200 to be exact! The most exciting on this list for me was the Ludlow in the East Village. 

Living in Harlem, going to stay over in the East Village is quite like traveling to another city anyways. (It's totally not that far, but if you live here...you get the joke.) All you need to do is grab an overnight bag, a mini bottle of Chandon (totally travel with this from time to time, don't judge me) and a quick uber ride or subway trek and boom, vaycay!

ludlow hotel

 Literally obsessed with this bathroom, I'll be back just to gaze into this mirror again.

east village

Bustier Tee via Beth Ditto x Jean Paul Gautier 

 Views be like...

hotel week

Don't forget to take a walk around your new neighborhood for the night!

Photos by Christina Emilie
Special thanks to the Ludlow Hotel
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