February 28, 2016

7 Reasons Not to Wear Pants in Jamaica

It's February and that means it's impossible to do the no pants dance in NYC, so we're off to Jamaica!

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Consider Jamaica a pants free society. I'm a fan of any place where where you don't need to wear pants. Aside from the fact that Jamaica is just 3 hours from NYC (boom, reason #1) and that it's one of the most laid back places that I've ever been (bam! reason #2) there are lots of fun excuses to avoid pants (or bottoms of any nature really...skirts, shorts - you get my drift).

#3 Thick thighs save lives. Yes, an internet quote but, also a proven fact and you care enough about the world to be a life saver. Do note that our fact checking source is Tumblr.

#4 It's warm. Winter in Jamaica bottoms out at about 75 degrees. Summer is about 4000 degrees so, you probably should wear any clothes at all by this point.

#5 Life's a beach. And the beaches are sandy white. Ah-mazing.

#6 When you get tired of sand in your nether regions, just lay out by the pool. 

#7 No one will give you a second look. There's such freedom in expressing your pants less fashion sense without fear of judgment. Everyone gets a bit more naked once they've pulled out their passport.

Photos by Christina Emilie
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