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Pressing my luck with bare legs as we alternate between snow storms and a 50+ degree winter in NYC...

plus size blogger

My propensity for seasonally inappropriate dressing aside, I have been living in shirt dresses lately. Funny how that works, you find a thing you like and without noticing you have amassed an army of a particular clothes item. 

As much as I try to lay off this moto jacket and to give one of the other 8 million coats I own some love, this work horse always finds a way onto my body a few times per week. And please don't ever tell me that you're tired of these patent Chelsea boots because you'll break my heart!

The moral of the story - it's totally ok to have favorites and it's awesome to get lots of use out of some of your most wearable pieces. That's why we bought them right? Better to wear them than let them idol in your closet! What are your work horse pieces? Finding yourself living in any particular item or style this winter? Let me know in the comments below, I'm curious!

plus size blogger

plus size blogger

plus size blogger
Photos by Marc Watley

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