February 23, 2016

The Pants That Reinvigorated My Love of Color

plus size fashion
Future so bright, I gotta wear bright a$$ pants!

plus size fashion

I've had a bit of a revelation. I do however retain the right to deny all of this and pretend this never happened. On my recent trip to London, I stopped into the Evans store on Oxford Street and they were kind enough to let me grab a few things. 

About 5 minutes into me running around the store like a maniac (video below), I spotted these tomato red pants and angels literally started singing. I've been looking tailored pants that move me and boom, moved. 

The funny thing is, these pants - and the trip to London, changed my outlook on my current wardrobe. I'm definitely a bit of a style chameleon and I know that my fashion moods change like the wind but I've been living in neutral, minimal pieces. My entire wardrobe is basically devoid of color.

A quick scroll through my Instagram is the proof. Wow. Black, white, camel, grey, repeat. Do I love this? Yes! Do I love color? I used to... OK, yes. Yes, yes! So here's the thing. As much as I'm obsessed with a more restrained approach to dressing, I'm going to have a little bit of fun for a while. I'm going to wear color, lots of color. I'm going to pair the unexpected and love it. It will be bright and at times random. I'm going to get dressed putting all of my favorite things together and once.

So here it is. The red pants that reinvigorated my love of color. I'm challenging myself to avoid all black and monochromatic looks for the next 5 posts. Think I can do it?? Fingers crossed. Check out a few more "FUN" items that I'm loving here, here and here. Bonus, obsessed!

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Photos by Christina Emilie
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