February 1, 2016

Travel Vlog - San Francisco, The Mission

I'm so pumped to announce the start of my newly relaunched YouTube channel. I dabbled a little in video making when I first started blogging but kind of left it by the wayside and haven't made a video in about 3 years! In expanding my content and sharing the things that interest me most with you guys, I decided it was time to get back at it. Also, it's SO much fun.

So, here we go! Kicking off the start of the new channel (subscribe here!) with a video I shot in San Francisco. I was traveling for work with my darling photog Lydia Hudgens who used to live in San Fran. We did a little exploring in her old neighborhood, The Mission and boom - awesome day! 

New videos will be uploaded every week and I will feature all of the fun stuff I cover here - style, travel, beauty and much more. Check the latest out below, make sure to "like" it if ya like it and subscribe!

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