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I have a confession, I think that I'm an even happier person when wearing bright colors. Happiness is often a choice and sometimes that choice is a citron skirt. We've all heard the happiness is to wearing color as...etc. thing but, there might be something to this.

It is amusing that my fall/winter bath of neutrals creates this "omg I love color" spring awakening like...every single year but just indulge me for this moment friends. Let me pretend that I didn't say this exact same thing last year.

Anyway, lots of spring trends are on my radar and the acquisition of pieces to suit my new fashion mood have already started making their way into my closet. The first is bright color clashing. I'm also having fun delving into my love for feminine pieces but rather than going straight lady like (feels a bit dated to me), I lean more into the corkier side of my personality and have a bit more whimsical fun while keeping things modern. I think it adds a bit more edge. We like edge.

plus size blogger

plus size blogger

plus size blogger
Photos by Lydia Hudgens

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