April 15, 2016

Southern Charm, a NOLA Story

Wandering around the French Quarter faking southern charm in a wrap dress.

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I learned a few things about myself in New Orleans. I love lists, so...here's a list.

I learned that I love lists! Just kidding, I already knew that. But let's get started...for real this time.

1. I'm addicted to chicory coffee. This is the most magical experience of my beverage life and I had an unreasonable number of cups of coffee each day in NOLA. Upon returning home I went on a full blown coffee detox for fear I'd become one of those people with a headache in the morning without caffeine.

2. I'm afraid of the dark. Perhaps it's just that everything in the French Quarter is "haunted", there are ghost tours or I dunno...wondering if Lestat from Interview with a Vampire was lurking around the narrow dark streets - but I felt quietly freaked out as soon as the sun set. I of course told no one I was with and played it cool.

3. Alligators are delicious. I abandoned my no meat rule for a few bites of a gator and YUM. I felt a little bad about eating the poor guy then I remembered he would totally eat me if he had the chance too so, I win!

4. Southern charm is everything. I'm originally from Philly and we say "y'all" but that's about all I got. Everyone was so nice, easy to smile and it kind of felt like every NOLA native I met felt like they were a representative for their home town. What I mean by that is that everyone was so welcoming, helpuful and happy to have me. Quite like turning up at a strangers home unannounced and they have delicious coffee and scones.

5. Though my dreams of befriending a New Orleanian with a Cajun accent failed (I didn't even meet anybody with one, UGH!) - I've now moved that goal up on my list of life experiences and will likely harass anyone I meet from the area to talk to me and be my friend.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

A special little video I made in NOLA (don't forget to subscribe to my new YouTube channel!) xo

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