May 3, 2016

7 Things I Loved About The Line Hotel

Trendy hotels are often overrated, The Line hotel in Downtown L.A. has the hype and can back it up!
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Here's what I LOVE about this hotel. 

1. The hottest bellman I've ever seen, PS he was literally the nicest human.

2. It's a large hotel but they've managed to sprinkle "cool" all over the damn place.

3. The valet parking is only $10 for 3 hours (that's free in L.A.) and makes having your friends pop in to eat with your or hang by the pool really easy.

4. The restaurant is an actual green house - yup ...

5. The room is small but feels enormous thanks to the full wall of windows complete with shades that rise up and down! Make sure to check out the video on my youtube channel!

6. The bed is crazy comfortable. I'm really particular about beds, I'm often in hotel beds more than my own so I like to be comfy.

The bathroom is really big and the gold fixtures are so edgy and cool.

7. Room service is crack. I ordered crispy Korean style wings and veggie guys! Whew! Also, milk (they have almond milk!) and cookies for desert. Naughty dinner but so yum!

Check out the video (and subscribe so I know it's real!)

Photos by Christina Emilie
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