May 19, 2016

Black and White for Spring

blogger spring outfit
A return to minimalism for a "spring" event.

blogger spring outfit
Don't worry, I'm not going to spend the entire post bitching about the weather. Let's just casually note that I'm salty and I hate it. Moving on!

You guys! Didn't I tell you white dresses where EVERYTHING for spring. We are in that cold by not cold NYC bs right now so I topped this baby with a really light weight duster jacket and my most magical easy to walk in heels. Added a little tassel action to pump up the spring vibes and off we go. Party time! This look would be great for a day or evening event just depending on how fancy you ned to get.

For my non hour glass girls, don't feel like you can't wear form fitting dresses. I love adding a jacket because my belly curve lump is on the sides mostly not the front in clothes. A cropped jacket is also a great way to create shape on your body because you get a little hip action and nothing looks like it's pulling etc. 

I'm not saying you need to "hide" the jiggle. I just prefer clean lines in clothes. If you're into the high impact vbl, go for it. If's my tip.

blogger spring outfit

blogger spring outfit

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