May 21, 2016

Learning to Love My Natural Hair

New makeup, new hair care products, new thoughts on my natural hair and a new video... yaaas.

miss jessie's
 On my face
Primer (Mattifying and Caramel for Dark Skin) | Foundation | Concealer
 Highlighter | Eye Shadow | Blush (Sangria) | Lipstick (Red Carpet)

I was so freaking excited about finding an amazing foundation that I made a little video to share, make sure to subscribe to my new channel! It was on shoot day so I made sure to snap a few beauty focused photos to show you guys a few new things I'm using. Watch the video below for details on all of that but here I'll focus on my hair.

Natural hair is work, that's just what it is. I love my natural hair but, I've definitely noticed that I'm much more comfortable with my hair in stretched styles i.e. twist outs etc. rather than a wash and go. And when I do wash and go I would always shake it up, pull on it, frizz it out so that it would be bigger. Why? Maybe I didn't want to admit that I don't love how much my hair shrinks. You can see here that my much past the shoulder length hair when straight is very very short au naturale. 

Summer is coming and twist outs are work! What if I could just embrace my wash and go hair which takes less than 10 minutes to do and save myself time and energy? So here we are...I've tried two different products. In this style, I used a Carol's Daughter Hair Milk Combing Cream but I did take a blow dryer and cold air blow my hair around to make it bigger and frizzier. 

In the photos here I used Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls on my wet hair, brushed it through and just let it air dry without touching it. I'm learning to embrace my shrinkage and just go with it. Ahhh, growth!

kinky curly

Check out my latest video which includes the makeup featured here!

Photos by Christina Emilie
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