June 7, 2016

A Maxi Dress and My Feelings from Kindergarten

Wandering around thinking summery thoughts on a summery day in a summery dress...

I just spent the morning at my little cousins kindergarten graduation only to realize his school is the exact place that I spent kindergarten through second grade. I remember the day my mom dropped me off and how a lady in the drop off area took my hand and walked me away from her. The feeling that I would never see my family again consumed me and I started crying. 

Of course that seems dramatic now but I've always remembered that moment and my mom waving goodbye. The relief when she came to pick me made the morning tears seem silly. In those colorful hallways I remembered lining up for recess. In second grade I was able to write my name in cursive fist since all of the letters in Kellie were at the beginning of the alphabet. I thought I was pretty damn cool that day.

Watching Joshie sing his songs and mumble the pledge of allegiance in the same place that I did those very things was pretty cool. Here's what I wore...

Maxi dresses are making their way back into my hear this season. This one is super soft, so soft in fact I kind of want to take nap in it!

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