June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice, Summer Style

By now you know my hair is blooooonde (if you don't, you don't follow me on social media and that is a travesty!) So do that! Youtube, Instagram, Facebook bam...click those. There will be a separate post about the new hair and all the newness that requires. Today, it's "summah summah summah time, summah-time"! So let's talk summer style.

So yeah - there are lots of ways to approach summer. I usually partake in just about all of them. Right now I'm still in my New York City cool feelings and so that's the start of my summer vibes. What is NYC cool you may wonder? Well, it's casual but polished, clean lines with a hint of personality (is that a thing? it is in my mind...) and edgy accessories. Into it? Me too! Here are some style ideas!

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